Wesley M. Eades, Ph.D.
How Much Does Counseling Cost?
The fee for an initial appointment is $140.00  Subsequent sessions are $125 per session.  Health insurance may cover a portion of the cost. 

If you cannot afford $125 per session, and you either have no health insurance or your insurance does not cover counseling, you may be eligible for some assistance from the Waco Partnership for Psychological and Spiritual Care (WPPSC)

WPPSC exists to help people afford the cost of counseling.  Because the Partnership's resources are limited, and because the board believes it is important for persons to take as much responsibility as possible for the cost, you are asked you to provide the following information so a fee can be calculated:
  1. What is your approximate monthly "take home" income?
  2. How many children do you have living in your home or support in college?
  3. What other sources of income can help with your counseling fees?  For example, are other family members willing to help with the cost of counseling?  Does your religious congregation provide some support for counseling?
  4. What particular financial stresses are you up against that are beyond your control (for example, medical bills due to illness,  financial problems due to divorce, etc.)?
  5. How much do you believe you can afford to spend each month on counseling services?

Call or email for an appointment:

Wesley M. Eades, Ph.D.
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